Elinor Coe

Elinor Coe


Eli started with Pallot in 1997 covering every aspect of the business. Since Pallot Tarmac was purchased by Ronez in 2002, Eli has covered the Administration for both. 

Eli loves walking and can often be seen in her lunch break walking the lanes of St John. She also cooks and loves experimenting with food and eating out of course!  She regularly potters in her garden and does a bit of sewing,  painting and decorating. Eli said, "I like to try my hand at DIY but it doesn't always go according to plan!"

She once drove around Silverstone in an Aston Martin and has on her bucket list to fly in a helicopter and complete a skydive! She had her one and only trip around the Jersey Quarry on her 50th birthday which was arranged by a previous Contracts Manager.

Telephone 01534 867260