Vehicles Weights and Measurements


Approximate vehicle and chute dimensions are below.

  Hiab    Schwing (P2)
34 x Pump    
Schwing (P1)
S31  x T Pump      
Length 9.36m   10.73m 10.60m 7.75m
Width 2.4m 2.5m 2.5m 2.3m
Height 3.8m 3.9m 3.94m 3.71m
Empty Weight 13.64 tons   24.1 tons 24.1 tons 11.2 - 12.2 tons
Maximum Weight 28 tons   - - 29 - 29.5 tons
Width inc. Outriggers - 6.21m 6.21m -
Horizontal Reach 8m 27.5m 26.55m -
Vertical Reach - 34m 30.55m -
Total combined length required for pump and mixer:       20.5m
Length of combined chutes up to edge:       3.5m
Length of combined chutes next to edge:       2.4m
Height of chute at rear for access over obstacle:       1.6m
Maximum end height of combined chutes to allow downward flow of material:       1.4m