Ronez support ArtHouse Jersey's "Floating by Luke Jerram" exhibition

Published Thu 14th Sep 2023

Ronez Jersey are delighted to be supporting ArtHouse Jersey's "Floating Earth by Luke Jerram" with the supply of eight 850Kg concrete megablocks to hold down a 10 metre diameter replica of the earth onto the surface of Queens Valley reservoir.

The exhibition, which is free to enter and runs for 24 hours a day until the 24th September 2023, is based on photos from NASA and symbolises the awe that astronauts feel when they see the world from space!

Director of ArtHouse Jersey, Tom Dingle, says this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Islanders to witness a remarkable artwork for free right on their doorstep. "Floating Earth has delighted millions of people all across the UK and it's a real coup to have it here in Jersey. Our sincere thanks go to Jersey Water for partnering with us to make this possible."

The artwork is part of an exhibition held by ArtHouse Jersey called 'No Place Like Home'.

CEO of Jersey Water, Helier Smith, says the partnership with ArtHouse Jersey connects nature and people, which very much aligns with its purpose at Jersey Water. "Queen’s Valley Reservoir is the perfect backdrop for this impressive installation; it’s accessible to everyone and we hope Islanders will take the opportunity to spend time enjoying the natural surroundings when they visit. The concept of Floating Earth speaks to Jersey Water’s values around prioritising the planet, reducing our impact on it, and creating lasting environmental change."