MV Ronez

Ronez imports bulk cement and ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS) to the Channel Islands using their own ship, the MV Ronez.

The MV Ronez is a self-pneumatic discharging vessel and was built in 1982 at Konstruktiebedrijf Van Aalst Koudekerk in Holland. She carries approx 950 tonne of cement from the United Kingdom and is regulated under UK flagstate. She has 7 crew who all work a 6 hour shift, then rest for 6 hours.

The cement and GGBS is transferred from the 500 tonne silo terminals in both Islands to the concrete and concrete products manufacturing facilities.

Flag United Kingdom / Channel Island Management
Built 1982, Scheepswerf van Goor Monnickendam BV, Monnickendam, Netherlands
Call Sign G C J P
Classification Lloyds Register
IMO no 8102476
Type of Vessel Pneumatic Self Discharging Cement Carrier
Dimensions Length: 62.19 m
  Beam: 10.03 m
  Max Airdraft inc Ariel: 25.20m (Even Keel)
  Lowest Airdraft: 11.50 m (Even Keel) Masts and Ariel lowered
GT / NT 870.00 mt / 282.00 mt
Hold Capacity 2 holds: No. 1 – 458.5 mt / No.2 – 461.50 mt
Speed abt. 10.00 knots
Consumption abt 2.72 mt per day with discharge equipment at full capacity
Main Engine Stork Werkspoor
Crew International Crew
Communication Fitted with Mobile/Satellite phone & E-Mail access
Loading Rate Max. 350 mt/h
Discharging Rate abt. 100-125 mt/h
Loading Equipment By gravity in to 3 separate inlets on each hold positioned Port, Starboard and Mid-ship at 600mm diameter
Self Discharging Equipment By pneumatic discharge at 3 Bar on 6” line, eight bolt, e-flange.This can be delivered to range of pipes from 350mm – 100mm on quay Vessel can also load road tanker directly with 100mm hose, expelling air back to the vessel hold

The M V Ronez.