MV Ronez

Ronez imports bulk cement and ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS) to the Channel Islands using their own ship, the MV Ronez.

The MV Ronez is a self-pneumatic discharging vessel and was built in 1982 at Konstruktiebedrijf Van Aalst Koudekerk in Holland. She carries approx 950 tonne of cement and is regulated under UK flagstate. She has 7 crew who all work a 6 hour shift, then rest for 6 hours.

The cement and GGBS is transferred from the 500 tonne silo terminals in both Islands to the concrete and concrete products manufacturing facilities.

Flag United Kingdom / Channel Island Management
Built 1982, Scheepswerf van Goor Monnickendam BV, Monnickendam, Netherlands
Call Sign G C J P
Classification Lloyds Register
IMO no 8102476
Type of Vessel Pneumatic Self Discharging Cement Carrier
Dimensions Length: 62.19 m
  Beam: 10.03 m
  Max Airdraft inc Ariel: 25.20m (Even Keel)
  Lowest Airdraft: 11.50 m (Even Keel) Masts and Ariel lowered
GT / NT 870.00 mt / 282.00 mt
Hold Capacity 2 holds: No. 1 – 458.5 mt / No.2 – 461.50 mt
Speed abt. 10.00 knots
Consumption abt 2.72 mt per day with discharge equipment at full capacity
Main Engine Stork Werkspoor
Crew International Crew
Communication Fitted with Mobile/Satellite phone & E-Mail access
Loading Rate Max. 350 mt/h
Discharging Rate abt. 100-125 mt/h
Loading Equipment By gravity in to 3 separate inlets on each hold positioned Port, Starboard and Mid-ship at 600mm diameter
Self Discharging Equipment By pneumatic discharge at 3 Bar on 6” line, eight bolt, e-flange.This can be delivered to range of pipes from 350mm – 100mm on quay Vessel can also load road tanker directly with 100mm hose, expelling air back to the vessel hold

The M V Ronez.