Solar panels to be installed on the Jersey Bagging Shed roof

Published Wed 09th Nov 2022

Solar panels are be installed on the Jersey Bagging Shed roof in St John and the power exported to the grid. Ronez are partnering with Jersey Electricity (JEC) to install solar technology. The panels will generate enough to power  to run around 100 electric cars a year (80,000 kWh)

"Increasing Ronez’s sustainability is a key factor as we look to reduce our carbon footprint across our operations. As a business we are significant users of energy, so meeting any of our electricity demand from locally generated renewable energy is a step in the right direction." - Mike Osborne, Ronez Managing Director.

The JEC says improvements to photovoltaic technology means smaller arrays are becoming increasingly viable. They say that output from Ronez’s solar panels is 400W, compared with the 365W per panel currently generated at the Jersey Dairy and Woodside Farm developments.

 "While this project is smaller than our previous installations at Albert Bartlett and Jersey Dairy, it is a significant development in the use of newer, higher yielding solar technology which is opening up new possibilities on smaller roofs. It’s also great to be using local partner, Sun Works again for the installation works."

"Coupled with our low carbon imported hydro and nuclear power from France, our local partnership approach enables all islanders to benefit from locally generated renewable power delivered via the grid; it helps support the local economy and diversify our energy sources." - Chris Ambler, JEC CEO.