Nominal Concrete and Screed

The ready-mixed concrete plants in Jersey and Guernsey supply a range of products from floor screeds to nominal concrete for collection.

Our concrete batching plants supply a range of products from floor screeds and foamed concrete to designed mixes for structural applications.

Customers can choose to collect from the plant or have the concrete delivered by our fleet of mixer trucks. We offer a concrete pumping service with boom pumps ranging in size to 32m in Jersey and 27m in Guernsey.

Nominal concrete is used for simple and straight forward concrete works and is available to collect only.

(J) = Available in Jersey Only

(G) = Available in Guernsey Only


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Nominal Concrete

We have fully computerised batching plants, supplying nominal concrete with dust, 10mm and 20mm aggregate, in the following mixes…

  Dust 10mm 20mm
3:1 (J)
11:1 (J)
14:1 (J)
18:1 (J)


Nominal concrete is for open truck collection only. It is not available for delivery by mixer tuck.


Screed is a range of cement bound products produced under factory conditions and available in an array of grades.

Screed is suitable for use above and below dpc level and in areas that may be subjected to continuously wet conditions such as shower rooms, changing rooms and swimming pools.

Screed is well suited for underfloor heating systems and for use in a range of environments including some outdoor applications. It is suitable to receive all types of plastic, vinyl and textile coverings as well as parquet, slabs, boards and tiles.

We have fully computerised batching plants, supplying screed in the following (but not limited to) combinations...

  • 3:1
  • 4:1
  • 5:1
  • 8:1 (G)
  • 1:3.5:1 Granolithic (G)
  • 4:1 Quick Drying (G)

Quick Drying Screed

Ronez Quick Drying (Ronez QD) Screed is a new generation screed based on powder super-plasticisers, polymers and speciality quick drying accelerators.

Ronez QD offers screed applicators, contractors, builders and developers significant savings in time and cost.

Ronez QD uses a new generation of powdered admixtures which, when combined together, achieve remarkable performance improvements. Screed which utilise this admixture will benefit from significantly faster drying and hardening which means floor access times are dramatically reduced.

The Ronez QD screed comprises:

  • Easy to use sachet dosing
  • Accurate and consistent measuring
  • Fast drying for quick access to new screed floors
  • Can be used with “screed pumps”
  • Can be dosed and mixed at the plant or on site

We have fully computerised batching plants, supplying screed in the following (but not limited to) combinations…

  • Ronez 3:1 - QD Screed
  • Ronez 3:1 - QD Screed, Extend
  • Ronez 4:1 - QD Screed
  • Ronez 4:1 - QD Screed with Fibres
  • Ronez 4:1 - QD Screed, Fibres & Extend
  • Ronez QD Screed & Extend