Pallot Tarmac - Jersey

Ronez offer a comprehensive range of contracting services, collections and deliveries both to the trade and public alike.


Founded in 1978, Pallot Tarmac is the leading provider of asphalt surfacing in Jersey with many years proven experience, working both in the private and public sectors. The business offers a wide range of services, from high quality road surfacing solutions through to driveway improvements.

Pallot Tarmac offer a flexible and innovative service, delivering their accumulated experience and know-how to benefit you and your community. 

The Ronez asphalt plants are quality assured to ISO9001 and ISO14001 and comply with BS EN 13108.

Pallot Tarmac are also quality assured to "National Highway Sector Scheme for Quality Management in Highway Works" and NHSS 16 for the laying of asphalt mixes. Ronez and Pallot tarmac are the only certified contracting businesses in the Channel Islands.

For smaller commercial or DIY applications such as household driveways, we provide a small load and collect service. Not only do we offer performance asphalt products, we are fully committed to ensuring the best possible customer journey.

Contact Pallot Tarmac today for details on our specialised and standard asphalt products and portfolio of architectural driveway applications.

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