Value Added Solutions

Ronez has available a wide portfolio of value added solutions for an array different applications, all tailored to meet specific requirements.


Introducing Ronez Discovery, an eye-catching range of coloured ready-mixed concrete, providing your construction project with a bold look that combines aesthetic appeal with the long lasting durability of traditional paving or structural concrete.

Ronez Discovery greatly enhances the architectural and visual appeal of concrete, affording a much greater range of design opportunities. The distinctice colour range is achieved by combining cement, coarse aggregate, sand and a coloured pigment, whilst the batching plant uses specific dedicated mix designs and materials to ensure a consistent colour is attained.

Ronez Discovery can be used with water resistant and fibre reinforced mixes.

A robust and hardwearing solution that offers a permanent colour, Ronez Discovery can be supplied to comply with any specification or grade and combines all the inherent flexibility of insitu concrete with a highly attractive and decorative finish.

Ronez Discovery offers a cost effective solution to painted floors and an alternative to decorative surface coatings reducing construction costs and time.

Our Standard Colour Mixes (Available to Order)

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A ready-mixed concrete specially designed to meet the tough and aggressive requirements of agricultural applications, whilst being economical and easy to place.

Farmcrete, when correctly specified and placed…

  • Will exceed the relevant British and European Standards
  • Is economical and easy to use
  • Has high workability
  • Is adaptable to all finish types for agricultural requirements
  • Is durable with longer working life in aggressive conditions
  • Is manufactured from responsibly sourced materials
  • Can be used with fibre reinforcement
  • Aids compliance with QA schemes and welfare of livestock regulations

Additional benefits will be seen with the addition of fibres which will enhance the mix by…

  • Providing longer lasting concrete
  • Offering greater resistance to impact and abrasion wear
  • Minimising plastic cracking

Suitable for​ ​ livestock housing, cattle sheds, silage pits, farm yards, retaining walls and grain stores.

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Ronez Flow is a range of highly specialised self compacting concrete formulations, each presenting significant advantages over the equivalent traditional concrete.

Designed to provide a high fluid consistency and minimal energy consumption in use. Ronez Flow is based on carefully selected and controlled binders and admixtures in conjunction with aggregates selected in accordance with the proposed end use.

Ronez Flow offers contractors and specifiers a high performance, secure fast track solution to many of the more challenging aspects of construction. Ronez Flow, when correctly specified and placed, will deliver...

  • High quality finishes. Ronez Flow is capable of delivering the finest surface finish and detail in areas of difficult access, complex formwork or very heavily reinforced sections. The mix design concept applied to each product is robust under all normal site conditions.
  • Reduced or eliminated remedial work.
  • Reduced labour requirements. Labour friendly concrete, the simplicity of placing together with the elimination of compaction and in many instances only very minor finishing effort will ensure a project achieves savings in terms of time and cost.
  • Ronez Flow is easier to place and finish than conventional concrete and is available in standard strengths up to 40 N/mm². Higher grades are possible and our products can be supplied in a range of colours.
  • Improved output in precast environments.
  • Reduced impact on the environment. Noise impact of the construction operation is greatly reduced, concrete pumps run more quietly and the need for all forms of vibration is eliminated. The use of power floating is also eliminated.
  • Reduces placing and finishing time. The enhanced rate of placing that can be achieved using Ronez Flow allows the scheduling of larger pours or a reduction in working hours required. The elimination of late working or overtime costs can significantly benefit the environment through these actions.
  • The potential to eliminate late working and finishing is a significant reduction in the environmental impact of construction.
  • Ronez Flow preparation allows the contractor to 'place and finish' concrete without the normal delay between placing and finishing operations. Volumes of 350m³ to 450m² are readily achievable within a normal 10 hour shift (subject to availability).
  • When used as a screed, Ronez Flow can offer superior performance over traditional sand cement and flowing screed mixes.
  • Elimination of 'vibration white finger' risk.
  • Ronez Flow can be tailored to the particular challenges of your contract.
  • Ronez Flow H is compatible with flowing screed when used in association with underfloor heating systems.

Ronez Flow may be utilised in all forms of construction in residential, transport, office and administrative buildings as well as the repair and refurbishment of hotels, schools and hospitals.

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A durable and versatile ready-mixed concrete specially designed for one storey domestic foundations with no steel reinforcements.

Foundationcrete when correctly specified and placed…

  • Is ready to lay blocks and bricks upon within 24 hours
  • Will exceed the relevant British and European Standards Is economical and easy to use
  • Has high workability
  • Can meet aggressive ground conditions
  • Is manufactured from responsibly sourced materials

Suitable for domestic strip foundations without reinforcement, such as houses, domestic garages, conservatories, garden wall foundations, blinding and kerb backing.

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Ronez Hydrain is a no fines concrete and is an ideal solution for surface and stormwater management. A fast draining concrete pavement solution that rapidly directs stormwater off streets, parking surfaces, driveways and walkways. Minimises costs and long-term maintenance for our local authorities and developers of stormwater management. 

Designed with a sub-base to contain typically 15 - 35% voids, water flows freely through Ronez Hydrain no fines concrete. Applications include...

  • Residential roads
  • Car parks and parking areas
  • Leisure areas, tennis courts, swimming pool decks and the like
  • Driveways and alleyways
  • Pavement edge drains and gutters

The key benefits of the Ronez Hydrain no fines concrete are...

  • Stormwater management - high permeabilitry and drainage capacity
  • Environmental management - minimises urban impact on natural water cycle
  • Reduces costs as part of a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS)
  • Available with Ronez Discovery to offer decorative and functional hard landscaping opportunities
  • No standing water which lessens the risk of hydroplaning

The main characteristics of Ronez Hydrain no fines concrete are...

  • Compressive strength of 4 to 15N/mm²
  • Voidage from 15 to 35% depending on type and placing technique
  • Weight is typically 70% of conventional concrete
  • Workable for up to 90 minutes
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ICF Crete

Ronez have developed sustainable ready-mixed concrete mixes for Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) applications.

Widely used in the USA, Canada and Continental Europe, ICF is relatively new in the UK. The building technique involves a series of hollow expanded polystyrene blocks into which ICF Crete is poured. The system combines the inherent strength of concrete with the excellent thermal insulation properties of polystyrene to produce cost-effective and durable structures. In addition, ICF systems provide some of the inherent benefits of concrete construction, namely, sound insulation, air tightness, fire resistance, long-term performance and robustness.

  • ICF formwork with ICF Crete provides a sustainable walling element with green guide ratings of A+ and A dependent on walling thickness and internal and external finishes
  • Recycled or secondary aggregates can be introduced to the ICF Crete mixes specific to client requirements and availability
  • Enables quick build and watertight shells
  • ICF systems are highly air tight which improves comfort and less heat loss compared with leaky walls thermally bridged
  • Wall U-values down to 0.10W/m2 °K and bellow are achievable
  • Acoustic performance easily exceeds the requirements of building regulations offering peace and quiet in multi dwelling construction
  • Structural integrity for better resistance to forces of nature compared with framed walls
  • Reduces HVAC operating costs by 30% - 70%
  • No vertical heat loss through ICF party walls
  • Construction methods are easy to learn with manufacturers offering installation training courses / or site supervision
  • ICF structures offer more comfortable, quiet, and energy-efficient environment than those built with traditional construction methods
  • Designing and building with ICF's can help your construction project attain Ecohomes excellent, and high levels in the Code for Sustainable homes and other BREEAM schemes

ICF creates a monolithic concrete wall that is many times stronger than that of a timber frame construction and traditional blockwork.

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QD Screed

Ronez Quick Drying (Ronez QD) Screed is a new generation screed based on powder super-plasticisers, polymers and speciality quick drying accelerators.

Ronez QD offers screed applicators, contractors, builders and developers significant savings in time and cost.

Ronez QD uses a new generation of powdered admixtures which, when combined together, achieve remarkable performance improvements. Screed which utilise this admixture will benefit from significantly faster drying and hardening which means floor access times are dramatically reduced.

The Ronez QD screed comprises...

  • Easy to use sachet dosing
  • Accurate and consistent measuring
  • Fast drying for quick access to new screed floors
  • Can be used with “screed pumps”
  • Can be dosed and mixed at the plant or on site
  • Independently tested to BS8203:2001 and A1:2009

Screed Product Range

  • Ronez 3:1 - QD Screed
  • Ronez 3:1 - QD Screed, Extend
  • Ronez 4:1 - QD Screed
  • Ronez 4:1 - QD Screed with Fibres
  • Ronez 4:1 - QD Screed, Fibres & Extend
  • Ronez QD Screed & Extend
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Designed by Ronez, Slabcrete is a range of fibre reinforced grade concretes that reduce the errors associated with the use of conventional reinforcing methods.

Slabcrete provides contractors and specifiers with a high performance, secure fast track solution to many of the more challenging aspects of construction.

Slabcrete utilises carefully selected frost resistant aggregates and a range of metal or polymer reinforcing fibres together with cements selected for the particular application. Slabcrete is distinguished by a number of enhanced and special technical properties.

Slabcrete, when correctly specified will deliver...

  • Unparalleled ease of construction
  • Enhanced toughness making it suitable for areas subjected to high impacts
  • Slabcrete is available in a high performance grade that will achieve the required compressive strength in as little as 24 hours offering considerable savings in programme
  • Placing Slabcrete is as easy as conventional concrete, is available in strengths up to 100 N/mm² and may be supplied containing a pigment
  • High volume stability reduced shrinkage
  • Superior toughness when subjected to mechanical forces and plant
  • Possible reductions in section, subject to design when compared to traditional concrete
  • Certainty of reinforcement location
  • Possible savings over conventional steel mesh reinforcement
  • Reduction in joints through larger panel construction
  • Slabcrete can be tailored to the particular challenges of your contract

Slabcrete can be utilised in all forms of slab construction for residential, transport infrastructure, office and administrative buildings as well as materials recycling, hotels, schools and hospitals.

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Ronez Watertight is a versatile range of specialised concretes designed to protect a structure from water ingress or to retain water within a structure. When compared to traditional methods of achieving watertight structures, Ronez Watertight offers contractors and specifiers the competitive edge in both cost and time savings.

Ronez Watertight provides a fast track solution over traditional methods of construction such as external membranes or cavity drainage. With Ronez Watertight, water is prevented from flowing into or from a structure and eliminates the need for the time consuming installation of complicated and detailed jointing.

Designed by Ronez, the Ronez Watertight range encompasses the full scope of admixture driven solutions and upon request can be supplied with a manufacturers warranty giving you the confidence to specify and use a unique product.

Ronez Watertight is…

  • fully compliant with BS 8102 type B construction
  • reduces installation cost and time
  • not sensitive to weather conditions unlike membrane solutions
  • available as a pumpable or flowing mix in slump and flow grades

Ronez will tailor Ronez Watertight to the particular challenges of your contract and provide detailed advice and support during the initial use of the product.

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